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Need a permit? Below is a list of permits available from the Conyers Police Department. Please find the correct permit you are in need of (Click the permit icon to download it). Be sure to read the document in its entirety and provide the Conyers Police Department the information outlined in the document. Failure to follow the instructions will result in a denial of your permit request.

Permit Description

Employee Alcohol Servers

Each person desiring to serve or pour alcoholic beverages for on premise consumption within the city shall first make an application in person to the Conyers Police Department to obtain their own individual permit to perform such activity.


Each person desiring to own or work for a pawn shop within the city shall first make an application in person to the ConyersPolice Department to obtain an individual permit to carry on such activity.

Parades, Marches, Demonstrations

A permit must be obtained for parades, marches, demonstrations, picketing, and anything using a loud speaker or amplification equipment.

Taxi Cab 
 Each person desiring to operate a Taxi Cab business within the City Limits must obtain a permit from the Conyers Police Department

Precious Metal 
 Businesses and Individuals desiring to own a company dealing with the purchase of precious metals and Gems must obtain a permit to do so.

 Anyone desiring to become a transient or peddler merchant must first obtain a permit from the Conyers Police Department.

 Any individual desiring to have records expunged must first complete the expungement documents and return them to the Conyers Police Department.



For your convenience, you can download a permit application from the list above or come by and pick up a copy at our office. Then complete and return the application, along with the required information, to the Conyers Police Department.