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  1. Magazine Pouch
    This holds the bullets for my gun
  2. Pager
    I keep this with me at all times. This lets people get me when the radio is off
  3. Radio
    This lets me tell everyone where I am and what I am doing
  4. Collar Microphone
    This allows me to hear when people are trying to talk to me
  5. Pepper Spray
    This is the stuff that makes the bad guys cry
  6. Expandable Baton
    This is the metal stick thing that is sometimes used to subdue the bad guys
  7. Glock 40 caliber pistol
    This is my gun
  8. Handcuffs
    I tote two pair of these in case I need to lock up more than one bad guy
  9. Whistle Chain
    You will find this located on my right shoulder area & you guessed it, my whistle is attached to the end in my pocket
  10. Badge
    This identifies me as an officer of the law
  11. Name Plate
    Look here and you'll find my name
  12. Collar Pins
    These are located on each of my two collars and spell "CPD" which stands for "Cool Police Dude" on some days and "Conyers Police Department" on others
  13. Two Writing Pens
    I use these for writing tickets; I always keep a back-up pen in case one runs out of ink
  14. Bullet Proof Vest
    I wear this for my protection, but you can't see it because of my Official Police Shirt!
  15. Soft Soled Shoes
    These come in handy when I have to chase the bad guys